Right To Information


1) Under the RTI Act, the following Officers have been nominated, for all matters regarding News and Administration of News Service Division, of ALL INDIA RADIO.

Central PIO:


First Appellate Authority:         

                                                 Shri Sati Kishore Kumar

                                                 Deputy Director (News) 
                                                 Room No. 125, 1st floor
                                                 News Services Division
                                                 All India Radio, New Broadcasting House
                                                 Parliament Street
                                                 New Delhi-110001

                                                 Office - 011-23421240
                                                 Mob. No. - 8800586509
                                                 Email - 



CPIO:                                 Sh. Chunni Lal, 
                                           Sr. Admn. Officer/CPIO
                                           News Services Division, All India Radio
                                           New Broadcasting House, Room No: 221
                                           New Delhi - 110001
                                           Mo. No. - 8800152650 

2Right to Information and Obligation of Public Authority-Compliance of Section  4(b) of RTI Act, 2005-Web link-regarding.